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The Laughing Pussies Tarot Deck

I’ve kept BIG things under wraps for far too long. Until now, that is.

I'm the kind of woman to take risks and try things others wouldn’t dream of. Always have, always will. There's no doubt I offer this planet something amazing and miraculous.  So much so that my latest projects have the capacity to make even ME blush. 

You may know the name by now—Laughing Pussies.

The Laughing Pussies Tarot Deck I created merges the esoteric and the sensual. Sitting in my studio last fall, I was hit by a flash of metaphorical lightning when I heard four words: “Create a Tarot Deck.” This came as a surprise. But I’m past questioning my intuition’s brilliance. Images surged through me. Sisters, I was made for this.

The Laughing Pussies deck, like the women and Goddesses it portrays, is beautiful and scandalous. These cards offer a guide to your unfiltered truth…if you decide to look…

And there will be a book too—a juicy map for our lives. Hold onto your undies. Or at the least, expect a ride to the unknown.

I Paint Pussies to honor the strength of women. And I’ve been doing so for more than 2 decades.

Today I paint the same way I did back when the idea of a Laughing Pussy was too controversial for prime-time. I sit a woman down, create a sacred space for her soul, and witness her breathtaking beauty. As an artist it’s my privilege to capture it. She leaves with a profound sense of reverence that transforms her.  Every. Single. Time.

I also have a provocative multi-media event in the works showcasing the vulvas of 10 fearless women. Some are willing and proud to be known. Some cannot, for that could endanger or destroy their very lives. Their participation moves me beyond words—for them to enter into this sacred portal is life-changing.

My vulva art is to be featured in the feminist movie of an up and coming filmmaker premiering her work at film festivals in the fall.

One cultural magazine is dedicating a whole issue to tarot. They’re showcasing the Laughing Pussies Major Arcana cards to join sensuality with feminism. I’ve always paired the two—it’s exciting that the world is catching up.

My goal is to turn people inside out. This crazy world needs an army of ovaries and balls to shift us back to sane. Now more than ever we need a balance of divine feminine and masculine for each of us, and for this Earth. 

Strip away the bullshit and pretense. Let us speak of honesty, and raw humanness. This mission is big. Revolutions won’t wait. Those among you who are ready know who you are.  Many of you have already stepped forward and pleaded with me to rush my tarot deck.

I am deeply grateful that you crave something new, and honored you want a glimpse behind the Labia Majora.

Laughing Pussy VIPs who pre-order between now and Monday August 8th until 9pm EST will receive insider exclusives and a guaranteed place at the launch party in early September.  It’s going to be wild.

You won’t want to miss this. Expose the defiant, brazen women you know you are. 

To get on my list and/or order at

Use the pre-order code: HIGH PRIESTESS at the checkout *The decks will ship on 8/25 for a delivery of 9/1 into your sexy hands…


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